“I was really impressed with how well Pendery treated our home; even our neighbors commented on how hard the guys worked…and in January, too! From start to finish, the design and build process was easier than we’d expected. And, everything turned out exactly the way we’d hoped it would. In fact, we’re looking to have Pendery come back and work on a new project.” –  Matt and Anna Macura

“We’d wanted to put on a porch for about 8 years, but with our current roofline, we didn’t think it could be done. I actually started out with another contractor who gave us bad designs and a really high estimate. Then I met with Pendery. Their designs were exactly what we wanted, and they were able to make the porch work with our roofline. At the end of the project, our expectations were exceeded so much that we wouldn’t consider remodeling anything without using Pendery again.” –  Raymond and Betsy Lutz

“We’ve used Pendery for more than 21 years. The first job they did for us was a family room remodel. It turned out so well that another house in the neighborhood copied our job and used Pendery, too. The thing that stands out the most about Pendery is their staff’s professionalism. They’ve remodeled everything in my home better than I dreamed it could be. And that they’ve had some of the same people working for them for so many years speaks volumes. I would definitely recommend Pendery. In fact, I have to four other families on our street.” –  Claudia Kimener

“Pendery is a wonderful company. You hear these horror stories about construction crews who are always late and deliver a poor outcome. Well, Pendery is the exact opposite. They’re always on time and could not have been more courteous. Throughout the entire process, we always knew what to expect. In fact, on the very first day of construction, they handed us a list with all of the subcontractors’ names and their contact information. It completely floored us. We knew exactly who we were dealing with and how to get in touch with people if we had any questions. We have only the highest recommendation for Pendery.”  –  Roger and Karen Rosen

“We chose Pendery based on a combination of economics, design and professionalism. They were top-notch throughout the entire process. Pendery took everything we wanted into consideration. We knew what we didn’t want, and we had an idea of what we wanted. They helped guide us through the process. What was our favorite part? That’s easy; it was the end result…because we absolutely love our new master bath.” – Bob and Donna Guarino

“We had such a wonderful experience with Pendery that we actually missed the construction crew when our kitchen was finished. The best part about our experience was that we knew we were working with experts. These guys knew what they were doing. And they listened to us. In fact, every time I called Pendery with a question or a request the answer was always, “yes.” I would recommend Pendery to anyone, especially if they’re considering a major remodel.” – Bob and Wendy Gustafson